Exterior Facility Services

Facility Services Best Practices

Exterior maintenance and upkeep can appear minor, but it plays a major role in your company’s brand. Every transaction and interaction hinges on a customer’s experience, and the first thing consumers see, your site’s exterior, must be perfect. Cracks, dying landscapes, trash, and more detract from that customer experience. Instead of risking sales because of poor exterior maintenance, managers should proactively keep the outside of their facilities in tip-top shape.

Exterior Facility Services




Pressure Washing

Asphalt Repair

Speed Bumps



Day Porter


ADA Compliance

Disabled customers represent a significant customer base for retailers. RC ensures that stores meet and exceed ADA compliance while researching materials, installation techniques, and best practices for the protection of customers and the brand.

The proper maintenance of your store or commercial office requires diligence to install, maintain, and upgrade in accordance to the ever-evolving rules and regulations of the ADA.

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